Ek wil julle graag bekendstel aan ‘n jong vrou wie se blog en lewensstyl my aangegryp en geïnspireer het vandat ek die eerste keer in blogland beland het. Sy leef reeds sedert 2014 af met ‘n terminale siekte, maar wat ‘n wonderlike lewe het sy vir haarself geskep! Sy lèèf elke oomblik. Lees asseblief haar “About” bladsy. Kyk ook na haar wonderlike fotos en videos – sy is ‘n diepseeduiker wat leef in ‘n wêreld van ongelooflike prag.

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

I don’t often talk about cancer anymore. Having been originally diagnosed in 2010, then rediagnosed in both 2013 and 2014 (when I was told I could not be cured and completed palliative radiotherapy), over time this illness has gradually faded far into the background of my thoughts. Most days I barely think of it at all.

The reality is that life is terminal and I am in no way ‘special’ or unique for the realisation that my time on earth will one day end, except that I have not been given the privilege of denial. And in all truth, that acknowledgement that life is finite has been utterly liberating. It was my greatest wake up call that every day is truly a gift and must be lived to the full.

Recently The Dodo (an online animal advocacy platform) requested to do a follow up interview of their excellent…

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