Being amateur photographers, my daughter and I normally use idiot-proof digital cameras to click whatever catches our attention. For this challenge, we decided to experiment with an older camera handed down by a family member.

This morning at the beach we were playing around with the Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL EFS 18-55mm camera. Our experiments with the various lenses and settings were not very successful, but no matter – we found something else of interest.

An Egyptian Goose was swimming and playing in the Umhlangankulu River estuary, while its mate was pacing the high sandy riverbank. It seemed unsure of its ability (or welcome) to fly down and join in the fun.

After a while, it mastered its fears and went for a flying leap over the edge. But look at the graffiti on the wall to the left (BELIEVE!); it left us in stitches.


Epyptian geese - kolgans
Mission accomplished!

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