Al die … uhm … praatjies wat opduik in verband met hottentotsgotte in ons Lê-Jou-Eier Uitdaging het my herinner aan hierdie video wat ek weer raakgesien het toe ek besig was met WordPress se Weekly Photo Challenge.

Shongololo, the Zulu name for the largest species of millipede in KwaZulu-Natal, the giant African millipede, means “to roll up”. The black shongololo (see an image in my blog  WPC Rounded) is more common than the red.

Many people believe that the red millipede, also known as the fire shongololo, is poisonous, but according to experts they are plant feeders and their jaws are too small to bite humans (but don’t take my word for that!). When handling them, you may notice a reddish brown stain on your fingers which is a foul-smelling liquid that can burn your skin and eyes.