Triumphant update: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and my ego is grossly inflated. Ek het dit reggekry, hoera!

Dis Ekke


Ever since the 3-D combination puzzle known as Rubik’s Cube came to my notice, I have been trying (and failing miserably) to successfully arrange the colours in the correct order. An avid solver of puzzles and brain teasers since childhood, I first welcomed the Cube into my life somewhere in the early 80’s and slowly, over the years, I learned to hate it passionately.

I’ve tried every single algorithm available on the internet, and I’ve managed to transform one layer, or on a good day maybe two layers, into the desired order, but as soon as I start on the third layer, I completely destroy my careful construction. I am afraid the only route open to me is to pull the colour tags off and glue them into the correct order.

Every now and then I resolve to get rid of my current Cube (I’ve had many over the years), but…

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