WPC The Road Taken

To get to the beach (which we do as often as possible), we have to walk a short distance over an unguarded railroad crossing. The train, which usually carries a load of stone and gravel, does not run according to a fixed schedule and we have to be careful when using the crossing. The problem is that there are so many distractions …

Here, my daughter and I were playing with the camera, trying to include both our own shadows and that of the warning signal for a previous photo challenge. Luckily we were on the grass verge, a couple of meters away from the railway line, when we heard the unexpected whistle of the train sounded by the driver, to warn us of the impending danger of wandering onto the tracks.

For a few heart-stopping seconds we were numb with shock, but my daughter had the presence of mind to capture the steel monster (two locomotives and forty two freight carriages) passing by. The last picture was taken on another day from our balcony.