WPC Against the Odds

Once upon a time when we still lived in suburbia, a brood of Indian Mynah chicks was kicked out of the nest by their parents just a day or two after being hatched. My daughter stepped in, raised them by hand and named them Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe. To our surprise and against all odds, they not only survived but actually thrived under the care of their human mother.

They roamed freely in our big garden and we loved watching them grow and interact with each other, as well as with our pets: three dogs and two cats. When they were very young, we ringed them with rubber rings – which were later removed – to identify the individual birds.

Eenie and Meenie (in the picture below) always seemed to be at odds, challenging each other to start a brawl. Typical males? 😀 This picture was taken one day when they were exchanging a serious “conversation”. At the time they were approximately 20 months old, and not yet in full feather.


Below is a picture of the two at a very young age, patiently waiting for “Mother” to feed them through a straw. All four are still alive and have grown into beautiful mature birds. We later moved away from the area, but they have been lucky enough to find a new human mother to look after their well-being.