WPC Shadow


Yesterday, during our weekly fishing expedition at low tide, my daughter and I were leaning over a pool to watch the little sea critters swimming and crawling around in a pool. When I realised that we were casting shadows on the water, and with the weekly photo challenge in mind, I asked her to capture our shadow images.

The picture above had us in stitches. My daughter, on the left, is holding her camera and the bulky beach bag. I am carrying a fishing rod and beach towels. Our shadows were distorted by the slow rippling waves and soon we were making up stories of beasties in fairy tales to explain this weird result. In the end, I decided that the most likely scenario was that of Mary, carrying her Little Lamb and trying to protect it from the farmer with an axe in his hand.

This reminded me of my childhood days, watching the summer clouds drifting by above and pointing out pictures to friends and siblings.