Thank you all for your commiserating messages and encouragement with our telecommunications problem. Despite our numerous inquiries and ongoing quest to find a solution to this problem, it appears that the only remaining option is to move on. This is such a pity and an unpleasant surprise, as the small little town where we previously lived (just 1,2 kilometer away from where we are now), appears to be the last outpost for data lines. We were not aware of this and on application for transfer of our communication services, we were not advised of this fact. What is even more incomprehensible, is that towns lower down the coast (less than ten minutes drive further) enjoy full telecom services.

Mtwalume is a beautiful coastal village and popular holiday destination, which makes it even more difficult to understand why these services are not available here. You will understand our bitter disappointment when you look at the photos below.

Our new accommodation is on the beachfront and we swim in this tidal pool on a daily basis. The pristine beach is well known for its beautiful shells which I showcased in previous blogs.

Mtwalume tidal pool at high tide
Mtwalume tidal pool view from our balcony
Trainspotting from our balcony

Thank you all for your visits. I appreciate all your comments and likes. This coming week we will be walking along the beach (exactly 1,2 kilometers) to “borrow” internet time, in order to catch up with your blogs and Facebook / Twitter. I promise to stop whining and catch up with the discussion 😀