WPC Transmogrify

Every year after the first rains in early summer, swarms of flying termites emerge from their underground nests in the surrounding hills. The idea is that the flying termites, when sufficiently distant from the parent nest, should land, shrug off their wings and scout about for a mate. After mating, the pair then excavates a burrow to start a new colony. However, their flight takes place in the dark of evening when the security lights are on all around our building and they are drawn to the light in their thousands.

As soon as the wingless, and therefore helpless, termites set themselves to the task of mating, the geckos arrive and start feasting on the abundance of food. We have quite a few of these little critters living under our awnings, where they hunt for mosquitos and moths after dark.

One of these little fellows entertained us by over-indulging to such an extent that he had difficulty crawling back into his little hidey-hole. These images of the little glutton, captured by my daughter, soon became known as the “reverse diet” BEFORE and AFTER photos.

Flying termites
Flying termites
Hungry gecko on the prowl
BEFORE: Hungry gecko on the prowl
Stuffed gecko
AFTER: stuffed gecko