WPC Local

Around our little coastal town, the countryside and ocean views are breathtakingly beautiful. We boast miles and miles of pristine golden beaches, lukewarm water in the ocean, lagoon and river. The weather is mild and the sun hot enough for those popular beach activities like swimming, snorkeling, boating, kite-fishing or sunbathing. In short, this is the perfect place for a holiday. It is no wonder that accommodation is fully booked and the town buzzing with activities during the holiday season.

However, during off-season periods the holiday homes are closed up; guesthouses, resorts and camping grounds cater only for those few that seek solace in privacy and tranquility. The residents slip back into their quiet way of life. The population at last count (2011, I think) came to less than 200 permanent residents of whom more or less 70% are way, waa-a-yy past retirement age.

I thought I would give you a glimpse of the beach-life during the off-season.

Fishing at a frenzied pace
Early morning – residents fishing at a frenzied pace.


Laidback - very laidback indeed
Later during the day – laidback, very laidback indeed