WPC: Rare

These pictures were taken in our garden on the highveld of Gauteng, shortly before we retired and moved to the coast.

We never made any attempt to curb the increase in the snail population in our garden; this chore was left to the large bird community that lived in our trees.

We were therefore greatly amused by the sight that greeted us in the garden early one morning after a thundershower during the night. The snails were crossing a particularly wet patch of grass by gliding over the garden hose left out the previous evening, reminiscent of the traffic on the freeway which we traveled to and from work every day.

At first, the action was calm and the “motorists” maintained a safe following distance, then those that were able to move a little faster started to catch up and soon the impatient souls were trying to overtake the slowpokes; a catastrophic “road accident” was unavoidable.