Stairs from the beach to the road above
Stairs from Elysium beach to the road above

Most of the dwellings in our quaint little coastal town are situated on the slopes of the hills which KwaZulu-Natal is well-known for. To get down to the beach, we can follow one of many pathways through the dense growth. Running downhill is never a problem, but making our way back up is a gruelling experience.

This narrow alley consists of 124 concrete steps laid at a very steep angle. Amongst the locals it is known alternatively as the Stairway from Hell, the Ankle Muncher, the Back Breaker or the Athlete’s Treadmill, depending on the age of the user.

In this picture, I’ve toiled my way upward to the road, full well knowing that I have to climb yet another hill, plus 24 more stairs, to get to our second-floor apartment right at the top of the highest hill. That is my excuse for taking it very, very slow. The panoramic view is worth the punishment, though.