Yesterday was a perfect day to spend at the beach, so we did the sensible thing and put an “out of office” notification on all our communication systems. Earlier in the week there were reports of heavy downpours and flooding, which is why we decided to visit the Fafa river estuary.

The sight that greeted us was well worth the four-kilometer trek in the loose sand along the shore; the river mouth was open and water was pouring into the ocean. We had a lovely time, enjoying the view and swimming in the fresh water. BUT, as usual, nobody had thought to bring a camera. We collected beautiful shells on the way there and back, and even had a few nibbles on the fishing lines.

Late yesterday afternoon, as we sat down to a late lunch / early dinner, we noticed that one of the shells was behaving very oddly, in fact, it seemed to be moving along under its own steam. At closer inspection we realised that the occupant was still in there. We always take great care to ensure that there are no residents in the shells we collect, and we had no idea that this time we had a stowaway on board.

BUT … there it was, peaking out of its awesomazingly beautiful shell and wondering why the water has dried up. The problem is, these snails cannot survive outside the ocean for very long, which means that keeping it overnight, even in fresh water, would surely produce a dead little snail. There is a beach just half a mile from our home, but we didn’t have the heart to drop the snail off in an unknown location.

SO … off we went down the beaten track (on foot; one cannot drive that way) and reached Snail Home just as the sun was setting. This time, though, I had my trustworthy old cellphone in my pocket (in case of an emergency – that shoreline is pretty isolated and totally deserted at that time of the day).

HOWEVER, the good news is that the snail reached home in time to get on with its precious family life and on top of that we were able to take pics of the stunning location just before the sun went down.

The picture quality is not great, but I’m sure you will enjoy these images.