P = Elysium? Yes, so it does. Allow me to quote a few definitions to prove this:

  • Elysium (or the Elysian Fields) is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained by some Greek religious and philosophical sects and cults.1
  • Elysium: The place at the ends of the earth to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods after death; A place or state of perfect happiness.2
  • Elysium: The abode of the blessed after death in Greek religious belief; Elysian fields the dwelling place of the blessed after death; Paradise3  

See? Paradise. Thus P = Elysium. P also = home to our family.

We live (yes, we are alive and kicking), high up on a hilltop in the tiny coastal town of Elysium, nestled between Ifafa and Mtwalume on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. During the off-season, we are just about the only people on the beach. Beaches. We can choose any one of the three beaches: Elysium right at the bottom of the hill, Ifafa beach to the left (a brisk walk of about 4,3 km) and Mtwalume beach to the right (a mere 1 km away).

Feel like an early morning swim? We have a choice between two tidal pools. We can always shun the tidal pools and go swimming in the Mtwalume river or lagoon. We only brave the waves in season, when the shark nets are in the water and the lifeguards on duty. Feel like fishing instead? Anywhere along the beach(es), river or lagoon will provide the bounty.

On those days when we do not feel like going to the beach, we go for a walk on the hilltop or down below in the river valley, but on those days we wear protective gear right down to heavy duty knee-high boots; this is snake country and yes … they are venomous. You don’t want to tangle with a black or green mamba.

But what is Paradise without a snake or two?  😀

[I decided not to bore you too much and chose only a few photos. Click on any image to enlarge]


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